JACOPS is a dynamic and family business having over 50 years of experience in the field of infrastructure techniques.


Our history took shape pursuant to the speedy development in the fields of telecommunications, rail and infrastructure.   They have moulded JACOPS into a specialised, solid and valuable market player. Investing in knowledge and ability with a view to the future, is key to JACOPS, and this will remain so in the future.


JACOPS designs integrated solutions for the most complex and innovative projects, day after day and in keeping with our customers’ long-term objectives.


All the departments in our company play a leading role in  innovation and sustainability. The in-house engineering department provides JACOPS with the vast know-how to  autonomously bring large projects to fruition. The area in which we operate is extensive and varied and we distinguish ourselves by being totally involved in and committed to the projects, which is why we can guarantee top quality. Mutual respect, accountability and mutual consultation constitute the foundations of our success.


JACOPS invests in the most advanced equipment but has an especially strong belief in the value of its employees. Various training programmes stimulate professional development in all our employees and make JACOPS a highly esteemed knowledge and executive company.


In all our activities, quality, health, safety and the environment are afforded particular attention in accordance with an intensive ISO certification and an SCC** attestation, which ensures that the safety policy is conducted both TOP-DOWN and BOTTOM-UP.


JACOPS has the following certificates and accreditations:

  • Quality management systems and -requirements: ISO 9001-2015, VCA, ISO 14001
  • Environment: implementation of ISO14001
  • Sustainable enterprise: ECOVADIS

JACOPS likes to keep its finger on the pulse. Because we are a technological company, we are of the opinion that it is sensible to invest in our employees by offering them a vast range of tailored training courses. Are you starting out in your job or do you have some years of experience? JACOPS will provide you with the opportunity of strengthening your skills. The JACOPS ACADEMY, which has been established to do exactly that, has a diverse range of training courses geared to our employees’ competences and interests. This enables us to continue to grow to everyone’s benefit.


JACOPS closely cooperates with its partners for both technical and non-technical training courses.


Apart from the broad range of training possibilities, our employees also share their experience by way of internal training courses and professional on-site assistance.


Exchanging knowledge is extremely important at JACOPS. Sharing is knowing. Anything that is valuable to the employee is valuable to the organisation, especially for the future. This is why we create job rotation and internal mobility opportunities. Working at JACOPS is and will always be a fascinating experience.