JACOPS is a frontrunner in the field of glass fibre applications. Thanks to far-reaching expertise accumulated over the years, we have acquired a solid reputation in setting up and supporting mobile 4G and 5G networks.


JACOPS is a leading technical service provider in the field of network communication and, what is more, it is specialised in designing, constructing, installing and maintaining mission-critical carrier-class networks.

JACOPS has accumulated experience over many years in the field of data networks for telecommunications, carrier and service provider companies and the business world. Our knowledge spans the fields of transmission, switching and routing, local loop, as well as security, convergence and mobile networks. We develop fully integrated data solutions that have been designed and implemented with technical know-how. This is all about solutions geared to the ambitions that our customers regard as top priority.


In this perspective, we combine consultancy expertise, technical know-how and our rich and vast experience in the industry and technology to optimise future network generations.


Coax, twisted pair and glass fibre networks

  • Turnkey FTTx networks
  • Backbone infrastructure
  • Managing existing networks
  • Customer connection and activation

Mobile networks

  • Acquisition
  • Constructing new sites
  • Integration & commissioning
  • Dismantling existing sites

Wireless transmission

  • Security networks (GSM-R and ASTRID)
  • Line-of-Sight connections
  • Indoor coverage
  • WiFi installations

Company networks

  • Point-to-point (glass fibre) connections
  • LAN cable work
  • Wi-Fi installations

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