Our team of designers and engineers daily work on integral solutions for telecommunications, rail and infrastructure. By bundling their expertise and knowledge, our professionals go about their work in a structured and perceptive manner to create advanced systems that meet the challenges that the future holds. They know, as no other, exactly what one encounters underneath the Belgian traffic thoroughfares, railways and waterways.

JACOPS is a pioneer through and through when it comes to glass fibre. Its far-reaching knowledge and experience have enabled JACOPS to accumulate a substantial amount of expertise in setting up and supporting mobile networks such as 4G and 5G.


JACOPS approaches design from a contracting perspective, which is why customers are ensured of an achievable system that meets the set requirements.

Regular tooling and technology training and standardisation guarantee our quality.


Network Design:

  • Coax
  • Glass fibre

Design of electro-mechanical installations on the roads:

  • Dynamic signalling
  • Lighting
  • Power supply
  • Camera surveillance

Smart Cities.

  • Safety: camera surveillance and lighting
  • Smoother traffic: dynamic signalling
  • Power: renewable energy and heat grids
  • Monitoring: recording observations and processing them

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