Energy & Utilities

We cover everything from design, construction and project management to maintenance and services.

You'll find everything you need in-house, allowing you to focus on the customer and achieve maximum quality and performance.  Our multi-service cross-selling of energy, digital products and combined services offers you, the customer, a complementary range of products and services.

We specialise in the design, project management and installation of gas, water, electricity and telecommunications networks. We cover the full range of infrastructure engineering services for all types of development. Infrastructure modification often involves earthworks or excavation.


For gas, water, electricity and telecommunications, we go further, from design and installation of the distribution network to customer connections, maintenance and additional services.


We are good at what we do, we have a strong track record and we maintain long-term relationships with our customers by focusing on their needs.



As an industry leader, we offer a number of specialist services:

- Design and installation of electricity, gas and water networks

- Project and service management

- High and low voltage works

- Engineering services

- Renewable and alternative energy studies

- Heating network

- Connections and metering

- Sustainable street lighting, both design and installation

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